Data Vizualization

Tuesday August 18, 2015

Lesson Plan


.: Intro & Reflection

Who are you? How do you feel about where your team reporting project is at?


.: Infographics 101

Visualizing data involves three stages: planning, production, and execution.

After my intro... In your reporting groups, search for "infographic" on and Find three infographics you all like and email links to them to


Take a break. Use Timer Tab to time it.


.: One Hour Infographic

Divide reporting groups into two teams: Planning/Execution, and Production. All Planning/Execution teams go to the left of the room, all Production teams go to the right.


.: Production Team

Your task are:

  1. Create a new etherpad, and share the link with each other.
  2. Decide which part of your data to share.
  3. Write a three-five word title (using Etherpad).
  4. Write a five-eight word subtitle (using Etherpad).
  5. Write one short sentence highlighting a significant finding in your data (using Etherpad).
  6. Find one relevant photo (using creative commons).

As you complete individual parts, give them to the Planning/Execution team.


.: Planning/Execution Team

Your tasks are:

  1. Create a Piktochart account.
  2. In Piktochart, choose two fonts to use (one for headings, one for details).
  3. In Piktochart, create a four panel infographic.
    - First panel: title and subtitle
    - Second panel: chart
    - Third panel: quotable sentence
    - Fourth panel: credits
  4. Choose two colors using Adobe Color.
  5. On paper, write down the colors and fonts you are using. Your team will refer to this throughout the project.
  6. Make the backgrounds of the panels the colors you chose, by drawing a colored box that covers the whole panel area.
  7. Position text and image from production team.
  8. Format text and image (using your chosen fonts and colors) from production team.  
  9. Create a chart from data selected by production team.
  10. As you receive text, image, and data from the Production Team, fill in the infographic.
Adobe Color

.: Swap Teams

Swap teams and for the next 30 minutes, finish the work started by the other team.

150Total time (in minutes)