Data Visualization for Social Engagement (Archived: Spring 2018)

490b/691b | Spring 2018 | Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno
Professor: Katherine Hepworth, PhD | Office: RSJ 205 | Office hours: Wednesdays & Thursdays 1-2pm (book here)

Class Schedule

NameWeek beginning
Class 1: Course overviewJan 24, 2018
Summary: Introduction to the class, overview of the syllabus & course expectations, and a refresher on design principles and terminology.
Class 2: Location data and mappingJan 31, 2018
Summary: Understanding location data, contemporary mapping practices, and their historical and cross-cultural origins. Practice making maps in Piktochart, Google My Maps, and StorymapJS.
Class 3: Introduction to empathy, critique, and Nevada Humanities dataFeb 7, 2018
Summary: Discussion of ethical data visualization, working with data sets, and data visualization for analysis.
Class 4: User groups and Nevada HumanitiesFeb 14, 2018
Summary: User research and testing, understanding participants in Nevada Humanities events as users.
Class 5: Finding stories in data, and mapping multiple data setsFeb 21, 2018
Summary: With Guest Teacher, acclaimed business journalist Alan Deutschmann. Analyzing and visualizing data from Nevada Humanities using online data visualization tools and/or desktop software.
Class 6: Sharing data visualizationsFeb 28, 2018
Summary: Review activities and learning from last class, and learn about coding maps with Google Fusion tables.
Class 7: Developing alpha prototypes and sharing data visualizationsMar 7, 2018
Summary: Share user group research for your main project with the rest of the class, and come up with ideas for an alpha prototype.
Class 8: Preparing data visualization based promotional items 1: Paper prototypes & Nevada Humanities visitMar 14, 2018
Summary: Create paper prototypes of your visualization based promotional item alpha prototypes, and seek feedback from Nevada Humanities representatives on them.
Class 9: Preparing data visualization based promotional items 2: Digging into dataMar 28, 2018
Summary: Explore the Nevada Humanities data to find the stories that are compelling for your audience and your chosen promotional medium.
Class 10: Preparing data visualization based promotional items 3: Visual prototypes & client feedbackApr 4, 2018
Summary: Focus on the visual details of your prototypes, including colors, fonts, grids, any necessary templates. Find the remaining 50% of the data you need for your promotional items.
Class canceledApr 11, 2018
Summary: Work on data visualization based promotional item in groups.
Class 11: Preparing data visualization based promotional items 4: Visual & strategy prototypesApr 18, 2018
Summary: Work on data visualization based promotional item.
Class 12: Preparing data visualization based promotional items 5: Final reviewApr 25, 2018
Summary: Finish up group work on your data visualization based promotional item. Start work on your pitch presentations.
Class 13: Prepare project presentationsMay 2, 2018
Summary: Prepare a group pitch presentation containing your user research, design process, and final promotional item, and how it aligns to Nevada Humanities' communication goals.
Final class presentations: 4:50pm in RSJ201May 16, 2018
Summary: Present your work to representatives from Nevada Humanities.