Media Graphics (Archived: 2014 Spring)

303 | Spring 2014 | Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno
Professor: Katherine Hepworth, PhD | Office: RSJ 205 | Office hours: Wednesdays & Thursdays 1-2pm (book here)

Class Schedule

Class # Date Class subjects
Intro A Tuesday 21 January Tech: Webcampus, Journals
Process: Introductions, expectations, journals, Design analysis - Why does it work?
Intro B Thursday 23 January Tech homework review: Add image to WebCampus profile.
Process: Syllabus highlights, assignments, examples
Test: Quiz 1 - Syllabus; Skills survey


Outline: Despite how creativity is often presented, good creative work requires careful planning. In this section, you’ll learn how to plan your creative work professionally. You can also learn to build your professional presentation skills.

Class # Date Class subjects
1A Tuesday 28 January Tech homework review: Understanding illustrator and indesign
Process: Visualizing with moodboards
Discuss: Minor Assigment 1 - Briefing > Strategy Presentations
1B Thursday 30 January Tech homework review: Preparing images for web
Process: Audience analysis
1C Tuesday 4 February Tech homework review: Image file types for print and web
Process: Writing return design brief
1D Thursday 6 February Tech homework review: Image file types, raster vs vector
Process: Audience vs product analysis
1E Tuesday 11 February Tech homework review: Understanding dpi
Process: Competition analysis
1F Thursday 13 February Tech homework review: Using Prezi
Due: Minor assignment 1 - Briefing > Strategy Presentations
Test: Quiz 2 - Content


Outline: In this section, you’ll learn how to turn design strategy into ideas, and how to turn ideas into design concepts. To be successful at this, you will need to learn drawing skills specific to formulating design concepts.

Class # Date Class subjects
2A Tuesday 18 February Tech homework review: Sketching & individual brainstorming
Process: Individual visual brainstorming & Preparing sketches for web
Discuss: Minor assignment 2 - Website header
2B Thursday 20 February Tech homework review: Collaborative brainstorming
Process: Shared visual brainstorming
2C Tuesday 25 February Tech homework review: Drawing thumbnails.
Process: Sketching thumbnail concepts
2D Thursday 27 February Tech homework review: Composition principles.
Process: Adding detail to thumbnail concepts
Test: Quiz 3 - Ideas > Design


Outline: In this section, you’ll learn how to use the basic design fundamentals - type and color - to build your design concept in the industry standard software.

Class # Date Class subjects
3A Tuesday 4 March Tech homework review: Typesetting basics in Indesign
Process: Typesetting basics
Due: Minor Assigment 2 - Website header
3B Thursday 6 March Tech homework review: Identiying compatible typefaces
Process: Selecting matching typefaces
3C Tuesday 11 March Tech homework review: Heading type effects in Illustrator
Process: Setting up your heading type file
3D Thursday 13 March Tech homework review: Intermediate typesetting in Indesign
Process: Typesetting body copy in Indesign
3E Tuesday 25 March Tech homework review: Understanding color
Process: Experimenting with color combinations
3F Thursday 27 March Tech homework review: Indesign & Illustrator color swatches
Process: Making color swatches in software
Due: Minor Assigment 2 - Website header
Test: Quiz 4 - Type & Color




Outline: In this section, you’ll learn how to find and edit large, high quality images. You’ll also learn how to assemble an InDesign document according to industry standards, and prepare it for printing.

Class # Date Class subjects
4A Tuesday 1 April Tech homework review: Indesign layers
Process: Setting up your Indesign cover file
Discuss: Minor Assignment 3 - Professional Head Shot
4B Tuesday 3 April Tech homework review: Illustration basics
Process: Making & finding high quality cover images
4C Tuesday 8 April Tech homework review: Image editing & retouching basics
Process: Image editing & retouching OR Type refinement, updating the cover file
4D Thursday 10 April Tech homework review: Intermediate image editing & retouching, spine & back cover
Process: Shooting head shots
4E Tuesday 15 April Tech homework review: Advanced working with type in Illustrator
Process: Refining heading type & body copy
4F Thursday 17 April Tech homework review: Print production
Process: Printing and proofing covers
Due: Minor Assignment 3 - Professional Head Shot
Test: Quiz 5 - Images & Layout


Outline: In this section, you’ll learn to present your work to industry standards.

Class # Date Class subjects
5A Tuesday 22 April Tech homework review: Printing your cover
Process: Planning & writing the blog post, cropping your cover
Discuss: Minor Assigment 4 - Final Presentation
5B Thursday 24 April Tech homework review: Professional folio blogging
Process journal review: Planning & writing the blog post
Process: Shooting the work
5C Tuesday 29 April Tech homework review: Studio photography retouching
Process journal review: Shooting the work
Process: Editing studio shots, writing class presentation
5D Thursday 1 May Due: Minor Assignment 4 - Final Presentations
Test: Quiz 6 - Presenting Work Professionally