Visual Communication (Archived: 2016 Fall)

JOUR300 | Fall 2016 | Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno
Professor: Katherine Hepworth, PhD | Office: RSJ 205 | Office hours: Wednesdays & Thursdays 1-2pm (book here)

This class teaches students some basics of visual literacy through a combination studying concepts from cognition and psychology, and making visual media using Adobe CC software.

Course Communication

Please communicate with me as follows:

Please DO NOT email Instructors about:



Grading in this class will be by XP (experience points).

At the start of the class you will have zero XP points (equivalent to 0 percent or F).

4,000 XP is the maximum attainable grade (equivalent to 100 percent or A).

You earn XP by completing tasks: the better you complete the task, the more XP points you will get.

Letter grades will only be given at the end of the semester.

Late work will only be accepted IF you have arranged this with Katherine prior to the deadline, AND she has given written approval for you to submit work late (i.e. in an email).

Each late submission with approval from Katherine will result in a 20XP deducted from the assignment grade.

Late submissions without approval from Katherine will receive 0XP for the late submission.