Example 2

6.1 Best Friend Communication Challenge, by Samantha Johnson, Fall 2014

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation

Link to Zeega: http://zeega.com/169094

What would you describe the visual style of your content elements as?

I would describe my style as uplifting with a humorous twist.  Most of my photos are pictures of us smiling or making funny faces, even my GIF is supposed to be funny, but I feel like I’ve used it in a way that will make the storyline realistic.

Are all the elements in a similar visual style? Why or why not?

The only slide that wasn’t similar was the third one about the “problem” of my story.  It was supposed to be dark and gloomy and make the viewer feel alone, which was exactly how I felt in the situation.  I feel like that slide stands out, which it should.  I don’t think it deters from the story.

What is the visual narrative (visual story) you intended to tell in this presentation?

The visual story I wanted to tell was an uplifting one, one that others would look at and feel as if they weren’t alone in their struggles.

How effective was your interactive presentation at demonstrating framing?

I feel like my presentation properly demonstrated positive framing, in that I want the viewer to be “riskseeking” in their willingness to talk about their problems.  Most of my frames are humorous, making light of what could have been a serious issue.

What are you happy with about your interactive presentation?

I am happy about the overall imaging that I accomplished.  I feel like the personality of my best friend and our relationship came through really well.  I was thrilled that I had enough material to work with as well. 

What would you have done differently if you had more time/skills?

I would have tried to make the story flow a little better.  I feel like I didn’t have a great ending for the story, in that the resolution was kind of abrupt.  It didn’t really leave my viewers with a sense of closure.