5.4 Eurozone Crisis Communication Challenge, by Michale Stuyvesant, Fall 2014

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation


Why did you chose this photo for your heading?

I chose the photo of the burning Euro because I felt that it evoked the feeling that money was being lost and burned in the process of bailing out these countries. I chose the color red because I felt that it was angry and serious which helped pronounce the crisis theme I was attempting to convey to the viewer. In the infographic I chose two different fonts because I wanted to grab the viewers attention and then be able to convey information without being distracting.

How did you represent logical redundancy?

I was able to repeat information that I thought was important yet still present the information in different ways such as maps, graphs, and short statements. I am happy that I was able to present information that I had no prior experience with and almost liked the challenge. I was also happy with the way the whole infographic flowed with itself keeping the background simple. With more time or skills I really don't know if I would change much besides maybe adding small icons in the dead space.