5.1 Your Life Communication Challenge, by Michael Stuyvesant, Fall 2014

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation


Why did you chose this photo for the heading?

I decided to use the photo of Mt. Hood for the heading because it is always the place where my ski season ends and Trillium Lake usually leaves an outstanding emotion that people never forget. To relate the infographic to snow I had to make sure that the title and the image related to each other making sure that the viewer knew the statistics came from a season of riding. At first it was hard to match the text correctly, but I was able to place the white text over the darker area of the image.

What was your reasoning for the colors and fonts?

When looking through the fonts I thought that the "satisfy" font resembled the fonts that one would see passing through a national park or ski resort. The fonts made me feel like I was reading text right out of a ski lodge or on the side of the highway, which made me think that the viewer would have the same feeling. Also, I didn't want a font that was too serious which, in my opinion, would have taken away from the relaxed and joking attitude that we had throughout the trips.

How effective was your infographic at demonstrating clear visual and textual hierarchy?

I think my infographic was effective at demonstrating visual and textual hierarchy because I gave more importance to heading texts making sure that they were the biggest and first thing that the viewer would see before diving into information. By doing this I was happy that I could present different statistics and graphs in a clear way, however I wish I could have spent more time explaining the graphs and adding little bits of background information.