Example 2

5.1 Your Life Communication Challenge, by Rhea Agpaoa, Fall 2014

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation

Why did you use this particular photo for the heading?   What was your reasoning for choosing the colors and fonts you did?

At first I was going to use cooler colors for type and body type, but in the image the paint I used was too warm and adding in the cooler colors would clash too much.  I could have used a complementary color to the paint, but I enjoyed the heading with analogous colors.  For the header type, I was going to use a script but looking through all the options I liked how the sketchy type appeared.  It brings the imagery together and it’s not too random or takes away from the image.

How effective was your infographic at demonstrating clear visual and textual hierarchy?  What are you happy with about your infographic?  What would you have done differently if you had more time/skills?

I feel that the infographic is decent when it comes to presenting information.  I’m never too sure with infographics since they’re all about balance.  I’m happy that the text and images are legible.  I’m also happy that all the elements tie in together and doesn’t over power another element.  If I were to have more time and skills, I would probably have taken a better header picture or possibly make a vector for the header to be more playful.