Example 2

3.1 Type Treasure Communication Challenge, by Steven Brooks, Fall 2014

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation

How effective was your use of ThingLink at demonstrating usability?

I think that my use of ThingLink demonstrates usability really well because It is 3 simple links, far apart which makes for not too much clutter, and also allows the reader to choose whether or not they have to see any of the information in addition to the photo.

What are you happy about with your interactive photo?

I really liked how simple the image is.  It is made of litter from careless people so I found a better use for the trash than to just let it sit outside.  I also like how the lighting is in the image and how the 3 links are spread out throughout the  photo.

What would you have done differently with more time/skills?

If I had more time/skills I would probably have collected more trash and made the B bigger and more complex.  I also would have created custom links to use as icons on the interactive image.  With that being said, I am content with the simplicity of my final design.