2.4 Food Truck Communication Challenge, by Rhea Agpaoa, Fall 2014

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation

What did you find compelling in this beautiful scene?  What are you happy with about your edited photo?  What would you do differently, if you had more time/skills?

I didn’t use a scene for my food truck, instead I created an image that I personally enjoy with a lot of elements that I would want to see in a food truck.  I’m very happy with what I made, especially since this is the first time I made a vector with a drawing I freehanded.  I usually make rasterized images when they’re free handed so I’m able to add small details.  Vectors are a lot harder to achieve semi-realistic drawings and if I were to have more time, I would have shown that in the logo.

What does your food truck specialize in? Describe the relevance of the name and slogan to the food your food truck sells.

I love all things cute, I’m especially interested in pop culture and Japanese cute culture.  This food truck specializes in crepes, both sweet and savory.  Along with that, I love themed restaurants where the employees are able to dress up.  For this food truck, the workers would wear pastel themed clothes of their choice.  Everyone is different when it comes to their sense of taste and I wanted to show that in both the food and the employee’s lifestyles. 

Crepe Diem comes from the saying “carpe diem,” which follows along with the slogan.  This food truck will allow customers to make their own crepe or choose from a menu.  There are several places that are like this, for example Crepe ‘n’ Roll, but I wanted to see places like these mobile.

How effective was your decoration at achieving progressive disclosure? Describe why/why not it was successful.  What are you happy with about your food truck decoration?  What would you have done differently if you had more time/skills?

I like to see simple and recognizable designs when it comes to food trucks, or any brand in general.  A lot of food trucks now have their personal brands on them and my main goal for this truck was to promote a cute image.  If I were to see this truck from the corner of my eye, all I would see is pink.  If I were a fan of this truck, I would automatically know who they were.  Or if I were to recommend a truck, I would describe how it looks and people would get an idea of what to look for.  It may not be successful due to the lack of imagery or it’s too simple.  Otherwise, it’s easily recognizable and I wanted something that was as minimal as possible to begin with.  If I had more time, I would have liked to create an even more simple logo to put onto the hood of the truck and the back.