All Things Media: Design (Archived: Summer 2016)

JOUR108 | Summer 2016 | Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno
Professor: Katherine Hepworth, PhD | Office: RSJ 205 | Office hours: Wednesdays 1-3pm (book here)

Grading / Assessment

Due Dates

You Do You ChallengeMay 27, 2016200
You Do You Challenge RevisitedJun 10, 2016400
Vectors & Type QuizJun 17, 2016100
Monogram ChallengeJun 24, 2016400
Conventions QuizJul 1, 2016100
Business Card ChallengeJul 8, 2016400
Clipping Path QuizJul 15, 2016100
Illustrated Quote ChallengeJul 29, 2016400
Code QuizJul 29, 2016100
Instruction ChallengeAug 5, 2016400
Twitter EngagementAug 12, 2016800
Wordpress FolioAug 12, 2016600
Total 4000


Grading in this class is by XP (experience points). You earn XP by completing tasks: the better you complete the task, the more XP you will get. Letter grades will only be given at the end of the semester.

Grade Scale

The following chart aligns XP with letter grades and with percentage of total score.

Final grade XP Percentage
A 3720-4000 93-100%
A- 3600-3719 90-92.99%
B+ 3480-3599 87-89.99%
B 3320-3479 83-86.99%
B- 3200-3319 80-82.99%
C+ 3000-3199 75-79.99%
C 2600-2999 65-74.99%
C- 2400-2599 60-64.99%
D+ 2200-2399 55-59.99%
D 1800-2199 45-54.99%
D- 1600-1799 40-44.99%
F 0-1599 0-39.99%

Late work

Late work will be graded if a student makes an agreement with the Professor regarding late submission. Late submissions without an agreement with the Professor will not be graded. Extraordinary grading arrangements can be made in the case of a significant personal life crises - if needed, please talk to the professor individually to negotiate this.

Gaining XP

You can gain XP every time you complete a challenge, quiz, or engagement activity. How much XP you gain depends on the quality of your work.

Please note: completing assignments does not guarantee gaining XP. See below for more detail.


You will receive XP for completing challenges when:


You will receive XP for engagement when you:

Thick tweets including images will gain more XP than thin tweets without images. Re-tweets will not gain XP. What are thick and thin tweets?


You will receive XP for Quizzes when:

Please note: If you submit work late without arranging an extension beforehand, it will not be graded.

Extra Credit FAQ

You will gain:

Losing XP

You will lose XP every time you do any of the following.

Please note: it is easy to reduce your grade by one whole letter by ignoring the following requirements.


25XP will be deducted from your total grade each time you:

Type Crimes

10XP will be deducted from your total grade each time you use any of the following fonts in your assignments, social media posts, or correspondence:

Professional Communication

10XP will be deducted from your total grade each time you use text speak (for example ‘u’ instead of ‘you’; ‘luv’ instead of ‘love’ etc), incorrect spelling, or incorrect grammar in assignments, social media posts, or correspondence.

Summaries of Graded Work