You Do You Challenge, by Devin Scherbak,

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation


  • “green” - #8F9978
  • “pink”- #D86E8F
  • “violet”- #6057A3

Question 1

I started this image with a physical sketch with colored pencils. I then photographed the image and uploaded it into MS Paint. From there, I copy/pasted the image seven times, and then pained over the images on the right hand side. I used the eye dropper tool to find out the hexadecimal code for the colored pencils in the original image.

Question 2

I used MS paint to contrast my good physical drawing skills to my inexperienced digital rendering(?)/drawing(?) skills. Initially, MS Paint is the one digital program I can readily use to manipulate images like this.

Question 3

I have no experience with media design or art. If I had the skills, I would use Photoshop to refine the image and correct the pixel count. I would maybe use Adobe illustrator to recreate my drawing on the computer screen. My friend Niko is a very talented illustrator, and she is always creating new comics and caricatures onto the computer. I really hope to give myself a base understanding of some of these programs to find the confidence to learn these new skills.