Example 2

You Do You Challenge, by Kellie Mendez,

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation

This picture was taken when I was in Reno for a SkillsUSA competition. My friends and I were walking around downtown and my friend took a spontaneous picture of me. 

Colors used:

  • White =  ffffff
  • Black = 000000
  • Teal = 23b7b9

Something I would do differently next time is that I would probably keep my original picture. In my image it's actually cropped because there were other things going on. So because of that, I added the white background. 

I chose this statement because I improvised this challenge. I didn’t know which picture to use or how to use Photoshop and how I wanted it to look. At first I picked what I thought was just a cool picture, but then I realized in a way that picture was improvised. My friend was standing above me and randomly decided to take a picture of me. Then, because I cropped it, I thought it needed to have something more to it which is why I wanted the white background.