Type as Image Challenge, by Robyn Feinberg,

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation


While making this image, I was really just trying to achieve a basic understanding of how to use Adobe Illustrator CC 2014, since I have never used or heard of it before lab. I wanted to learn how to use type or font in this context since we see so much type in our day-to-day lives; type we see is done in a way to appeal to its audience, so I was trying to achieve an image that would be appealing and “cool” to look at. I’m happy with the way this image turned out because even though it is simple, there is a basic understanding of what I am trying to achieve through its design.


I chose the statement “climb” because it is something that just came to me as a design (rotation of the first four letters “climbing” up the last letter that would be bigger). I thought it would be fun and simple to do, but then again, that is what type design is all about. But, the more I thought about it, the statement “climb” could also mean all the obstacles one can face in life and being able to overcome them. For example, design and all of its software is new to me, so it definitely is an obstacle that I am learning more about, and slowly overcoming or getting better at.