Repurposing Challenge, by Adrianna Owens,

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation

1a. For this challenge, I used the following colors:

  •  #ffffff (white)
  •  #f79b9c (pink)


The typeface I chose is Superclarendon. I had never heard of the font before, but as I was scrolling through the InDesign fonts on my laptop, I saw it and immediately loved that it was a thick serif typeface with many weights. Another reason I chose the typeface was because I was looking at vintage jazz posters and many of them had this feel to them. The letter “P” that I chose was originally a “J” for Jazz but then I changed it to “P” for Play and decided that I liked it better that way. I love how well it goes with the image. The man in the image is looking up toward the little “P”s that I put as a play on music notes coming out of his instrument.

I found the image on The Library of Congress on Flickr. The portrait is of Bobby Hackett in New York, New York in the year 1946.

If I had a higher skillset, I would like to play with the clipping path more, but overall, I think the product is nice.