Example 5

Repurposing Challenge, by Luke Keck,

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation

1a) Hexidecimal refernces:
Orange: #f22e1e
Black #000000


I used RotisSerif for my font, and I chose this font because I wanted to have a thinner body in the font, 
and I like serif fonts more-so than sans serif fonts. Additionally, I felt that the butterfly wings were more 
aesthetically pleasing coming from a serif font rather than a sans serif font.  I think the thn body of the M with the straight edges on either side of the letter made it perfect to have the butterfly wings extending from the sides.

This image was from page 163 from “The Butterfly Hunters (1868)” which I found at 

If I had more skills, I don’t think I would necessarily change my image, but I would certainly change how long it took me to do my project because this was probably the most frustrating thing ever to learn and I almost started screaming. But overall, this is probably the project that I'm most proud of so far this semester.  Hope you guys enjoy!