Example 4

Repurposing Challenge, by Cory Shrecengost,

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation

"M is for Memory"

Hexidecimal codes: 

     Blue - 4a565e

     Black - 000000


     Type - Bauhaus 93

Why did you choose that typeface?

     I felt that the typeface matched the tone of what the image and the idea is trying to cover. It's fun and matches the era that the archival image comes from. 

Describe the qualities you like about this typeface and/or specific letter.

     I primarily appreciate that the typeface uses curves in order to create the m. the spacing between the lines is close and provides a smooth line from start to finish. 

Describe what qualities of this letter make it appropriate for combining with the archival image you chose.

     Because the image is trying to be a "throwback" to a time when happiness and youth were our main concerns, the typeface is worry free and happy. I feel the combination of the two and the space in the letter that is entirely the blueish color represent an image of a dream and of a past memory.

Why and how did you choose this image?

     The image easily touched me in a way that allowed me to look back on my life and remember things that don't exist now but shaped my happiness before.

Where did you find your archival image?

     The US National Archives - https://www.flickr.com/photos/usnationalarchives/7006548818/

What location and year is your image from?

     Sunning on the Lake Mead shore, May 1972

What would you do differently in this image if you had more time and/or skills?

     I would have definitely (had I had the capacity for more creativity I suppose) exposed the audience to the feeling of the image more. For me, it hits home, but I don't know what the perception of others would be.