Example 3

Repurposing Challenge, by Kassandra Fuentes,

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation


  • Plum- 6f283b
  • White­- ffffff


I used the Baskerville typeface for my lowercase letter ‘t.’ I chose this typeface because I like the weight, the serifs, and I also felt that it was appropriate for the time period the image was taken.  

Image Credits

I chose this image by browsing The National Archives UK and I decided only utilized parts of the image. The whole image consisted of two little girls near a table playing with blocks outside a house. I decided to cut out the image of the little girl that is not looking at the camera and is looking elsewhere, because I liked that she was in focus and I also liked her expression.


This was my fourth attempt at creating this image and even though I am happy with the end product, I know that I can still work more with it to improve it. If I had more time I would have converted the little girl to the plum color I chose, and played with the transparency. In addition, I would have made the girl a little bigger and I would have kept experimenting and playing around with the anchor points to add more parts of the girl. Overall I am happy with my fourth try, because with each attempt I saw my image improve and I learned more about clipping paths and anchor points with each attempt.