Post It Challenge, by Adrianna Owens,

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation

1a. Hexidecimal references:

  •  White: #FFFFFF
  •  Blue: #2E56FF
  •  Gray: #B2B0A8


For this project I was slightly nervous about choosing a previous challenge that we did. I ended up choosing the repurposing challenge. Because I had a jazz-inspired image, I decided to make a postcard for a jazz-inspired wedding. To incorporate the ā€œPā€ from my image, I used the names Parker and Patricia for the groom and bride. I like the overall feel of my postcard. It feels very modern and I love the color choices that I made. It was difficult to choose the right colors, but eventually after playing with the complementary colors on the wheel I got the right mix, a gray that I pulled from slightly up from the center near the brown and a blue that was on the outer ring of color. I also like the family harmony I did with the typography, using different weights and sizes. If I had a higher skillset I may have played with the original image more or made the whole postcard flow better.