Day in the Life Challenge, by Reighan Fisher,

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation

Here is the link to the bigger image:


I interviewed a few of my teammates on the track team that are outside of my event group. Since I don’t practice with them or see them as much , I was excited to see their point of view of things and learn more about their events. The Hexadecimal references I used are Blue #24408e , Black #000000, and White #ffffff.

I feel that I am most happy with the written portion of my piece because I feel that is my strong point in journalism while the design aspect of things is something I am still working on. I feel that the written portion captures the  girls personalities while also getting straight to the point with the questions. If I had more time and skill I would have done more with my layout so there wasn’t so much blank space between some of the photos. Other then that I am happy with how this turned out. It took a lot of work , but it paid off.