Instruction Challenge, by Annabelle Guitierez, Fall 2015

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation

Hexidecimal References: #FFA39E, #E1FFEC, #9AE0B4

I'm pretty impressed that I was actually able to do this challenge! I also realized that for me, HTML is a lot easier than CSS.

If I could change anything about my website, I would want to figure out how to change the blue number headers. I could insert all of the colors I wanted to in every CSS spot except for that one. I think it kind of clashes with my color scheme and looks a bit odd. I sat there for an hour trying to find it and I couldn't figure out how to change it. I would also play around with colors more. I don't think the colors I chose were the best, but I still like how the website turned out.

Website link here: https://d157rqmxrxj6ey.cloudfront.net/eliizabelle/15894/