Example 2

You Do You Challenge Revisited, by Michael Dugan, Spring 2016

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation


  • Writing – Light Blue – #d5dfeb
  • Background – White – #ffffff

What does this song lyric mean to you? 

This song lyric is meaningful to me because it is by an artist from the Bay Area, mentions my favorite childhood baseball player, and reminds me of home.

How does the image you chose combine with your portrait relate to the song lyric?

The image I used and combined with my portrait relates to the song because it is a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge; which is a key figure that represents the area where Barry Bonds played baseball, and is where the artist and I are from. I found a light blue from the water for the writing. I thought it worked well with the faded effect and colors of the picture.

Hope You Enjoy.