Monogram Challenge, by Stephanie Lamas, Spring 2016

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation

What is your three-word personal brand?

The three words I chose for my monogram were edgy, classic, and bold. I selected these three words because I would like people to see me as an edgy person who makes bold decisions regarding my career, and I like to think I’m classic because I’m original and one of-a-kind.

Which typeface did you choose and why?

Typeface: Copperplate Gothic Bold

Type weight: Regular

I chose this font because I believed it was a classic font and went well with what I was trying to convey. It’s a font that looks familiar to the eyes but is still unique enough to not be called Times New Roman. 

What would you do differently in your monogram if you had more time and/or skills?

What I would change about my monogram would be the positioning of the letters. I wanted my letters to look sort of like the HP monogram, but with my initials wouldn’t fit inside the shape. I would like my initials to have a more obvious level difference.