Example 2

Monogram Challenge, by Mackenzie Mertz, Spring 2016

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation

What is your three word personal brand?

The three words I choose for my image were honest, adventurous, and professional.  

I choose these words because I do think I am an honest person and I want my design work to portray that. I’m adventurous because I love trying new things and looking for new adventures to take on in the outdoors and I like to think of my work ethics as professional because of my hard work and determination to create work that people respect.  

Which typeface did you choose and why?

I did not choose a type or font because the Image I wanted to display was the outline of mountains that also create two M's which are my initials. I did this by using the vectors to create the outline of the mountains and the two M's. 

What would you do differently in your monogram if you had more time and/or skills?

What I would change about my monogram is adding a typeface. I originally put two M's (shown in my rough draft) that had a typeface of Garamond, but I felt as if it did not reflect my three word personal brand for myself. I would also prefer to have the outline of my monogram to look more like mountains because this would show people the type of industry I want to work in.