Example 2

Instruction Challenge, by Madison Cleveland, Spring 2016

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation

Hexidecimal references for colors and tints


-100%: #FFBD9D

-75%: #FFCEB6

-50%: #FFDECE

-25%: #FFEFE7


-100%: #A7B2AA

-75%: #BDC5BF

-50%: #D3D9D5

-25%: #E9ECEA

What are you happy with about your website?

I am very happy with my website. I am very impressed with how much I was able to do by myself. I think that it turned out well especially since it was my first time. I think coding is much easier than I had originally thought. 

What would you do differently if you had more time and/or skills?

If I had more time and skill I would have picked better colors. I like the colors I have now, but I think there are better options out there. Overall, I am very happy with the work that I did and I would not change anything else. 

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