Example 3

Twitter Engagement, by Miguel Arucan, Spring 2016

Part A: Design

Part B: Documentation


As a visual designer, I can definitely see on how much I've improved. From my Storify, the viewers can see that my first few posts are bland - centered, monochrome, use of simple fonts. Later on, I get more comfortable with learning how to use different techniques such as gradients, using my logo, clipping paths and finding images. I am proud of the things I've produced because of what I've learned. I've learned to communicate visually effectively. I've also learned how important it is to not only look for what is aesthetically pleasing, but how important every little element (font, color, composition) is, in order to send the right message. 

If I had to improve my Storify, I would've produced more blank image tweets and kicked out the blank image tweets in order to have consistency.