JOUR703 | Spring 2019 | Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno
Professor: Katherine Hepworth, PhD | Office: RSJ 205 | Office hours: Wednesdays & Thursdays 1-2pm (book here)

Class Schedule

NameWeek beginning
Class 1: Course overviewJan 24, 2019
Summary: Introduction to the class, overview of the syllabus & course expectations, and a refresher on design principles and terminology.
Class 2: Diffusion of InnovationsJan 31, 2019
Summary: Learn about the key theory behind how innovations spread.
Class 3: Innovative presence part a - online personal profile audit & behaviorFeb 7, 2019
Summary: Conduct an online profile audit and analyze your personal presence and behavior in meetings, with a view to developing personal online presentation habits that foster innovation.
Class 4: Hustle & Innovative presence part bFeb 14, 2019
Summary: Learn the mechanics of hustle. Identify your own personal innovation goals and align your online presence with them. Develop a range of design assets to use in your online presence.
Class 5: Design thinking workshopFeb 21, 2019
Summary: Visit the Innevation Center downtown, and participate in a design thinking workshop. This workshop will build your skills in preparation for the following class activities.
Class 6: Innovative media business, part a - auditFeb 28, 2019
Summary: Create a detailed audit of the operations and online presence of an innovative media business related to your career aspirations.
Class 7: Innovative media business, part b - improvementMar 7, 2019
Summary: Come up with a viable idea for improving on the media business you reviewed last week, that you could feasibly run.
Class 8: Innovative media business, part c - prepare pitchMar 14, 2019
Summary: Prepare a pitch presentation to the class about your innovative media business.
Class 9: Innovative media business, part d - pitchMar 28, 2019
Summary: Pitch your innovative media business idea to the class and a panel of local entrepreneurs.
Class 10: Branding for innovation part a - empathy and user groupsApr 4, 2019
Summary: Work on the user research phase of your group project.
Class 11: Branding for innovation part b - alpha prototypes and user testingApr 11, 2019
Summary: Work on the alpha prototyping phase of your group project.
Class 12: Branding for innovation part c - visual prototypes and user testingApr 18, 2019
Summary: Work on the visual prototyping phase of your group project.
Class 13: Branding for innovation part d - visual prototype iteration and refinementApr 25, 2019
Summary: Iterate and refine your visual prototypes for your group project.
Class 14: Pitching innovation part a - prepare final pitch presentationsMay 2, 2019
Summary: Prepare and rehearse your final presentation of your group project for delivery next week.
Class 15: Pitching innovation part b - final class presentationsMay 9, 2019
Summary: Present your final project to a panel of local entrepreneurs.